The role of a teen server at Focus is both challenging and rewarding. We are looking for teenagers who are:

- Serious about their relationship with God

- Desiring to grow in God

- Actively involved with a church family

- Willing to serve in practical and sometimes mundane jobs

- Able to work well as a team

- A good role model to younger children

- Respectful and kind

- Prepared to get ‘stuck in’ with enthusiasm

- Keen to learn and grow during the leaders weekend

- Ready to give rather than take, with the understanding that their role is to bless the delegates

Teen server applications are only accepted on the basis of a reliable character reference confirming these qualities from the applicants Church Leader. Having been a delegate or teen server in the past does not necessarily guarantee a place on the team. If the Focus team feel that a teen has not shown these qualities or been a blessing to the camp in the past we will give preference to those who have done.

The deadline for teen server applications is 18th May - you can expect to hear from us by the end of June as to whether or not you have a space on the team.

God has made me more confident and more loving and He is healing me too. He has shown me His love and from this day on I always want to serve and worship Him. He is beginning to open my eyes to heavenly things. I just love Him.
— Janine, aged 16
I’ve enjoyed all the exciting games and laughs. Also meeting new people and helping out as a teen server. I’ve learnt that God’s love is like a burning fire that even though someone throws water on it, it will never die out. God will always love me with an unending heart.
— Josh, aged 13.